About Us

Flovia provides Consulting, Operational, and Workforce Solution services for the Life Science industry. Flovia is in a unique position where it can help bring innovative solutions for businesses while also closing the gap on finding the right talent at the right time. Vice-versa, Flovia also provides much-needed support to candidates when they are looking for a job. 

Flovia is different in the services they provide by having a deep understanding of R&D, IT, and workforce needs in the life science space. We help our clients by keeping people, processes, technology, and information in mind. This approach helps clients with their current changes and challenges but also helps with responding to their future challenges quickly.

Flovia believes in helping connect dots between the Business and IT department, Candidates and Clients, and Information and Systems.

Our Story

We are different so our story is also different than most of our competitors. Our roots are from life science and technology. Our founder and the staff have spent years in this area and bring in-depth knowledge and understanding of challenges that every company faces growing up and scaling from small to mid or mid to large company.

Our workforce management segment exists because we see challenges in the life science industry with connecting with the right talent. We are equipped with the advanced tools, technic and expertise to help our clients be more productive and efficient. We believe in quality over quantity and help connect qualified candidates. 

Our Clients

Our typical clients are in Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Biomedical Technologies, Life Systems Technologies, Medical Devices, and Organizations/Institutions that devote the majority of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer, and commercialization.

Flovia partners with Life Science professionals and companies so they can focus on making life-changing medicines.



“We appreciate Flovia for its efficiency in responding to Regulatory Submission matters that they get even at the eleventh hour.”

– Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, US-based pharmaceutical company